The Founders


Cindy Norris Kostelansky and Michael Kostelansky

Cindy and Michael’s story began in the early 2000’s when they met in graduate school. Both were attending UNC-Chapel Hill where they were pursuing their Doctorates in Chemistry.  (Wow, nerds right! 😉)

In the years to come the two would not only fall deeply in love, marry, and be blessed with 2 wonderful children; but over that time, they found a strong connection to winemaking. They were inspired by numerous trips to great winemaking regions of the world and wonderful mentors in their chemistry careers that shared a passion for winemaking and brewing.

Flash forward to 2017, Cindy and Michael were approached by Amy (Cindy’s sister) and Tom to become partners in Generations Vineyard to make the family dream of making local St. Mary’s County, Maryland wines a reality.  Given Cindy and Michael’s shared enthusiasm for that goal, they decided to jump in feet first, whip out the pruners and work towards making the family’s dream come true.

The couple’s personal mission is rather simple: Make wonderful, locally produced wines that can easily be shared with cherished family and friends, because being in the moment with those you love creates priceless memories that last a lifetime.